Ethea: The World of Ages

Ethea - Episode 1

Tyler: Vaughn, waking from a night’s rest outside the Prysidian Walls, finds himself disoriented, eager to seek out the hunter Togax. Currently, he is seeking him out at the Smuggler’s pub.
Mike: Kamal awakens to find himself within the halls of Auraj the Brass Dragon of War, also known as his home at the church. Believing himself deceased, he accepts his mentor’s challenge to a feat of combat.
Stephan: Ceann opens his eyes to see a bird atop his window sill, realizing that he finds himself within the university dorm rooms, and within his own bed no less! His roommate Davek came bustling in, warning that their test was about to begin. Ceann noticed the calendar date and season.
Rob: Spoony’s ears twitched at the sound of her mentor and lead bard Baldric, as he blessed the farmer’s crops and harvest for the fall season. Bewildered, she poked and prodded Baldric where he was last wounded, much to his confusion and dismay. Having enough, she recalled her bardic chronicle that was due, simply reusing the same works as before.


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